The Casa Baloyán Vineyards are situated  in the heart of Mexico’s wine country, el ‘Valle de Guadalupe’ (that is the Valley of Guadalupe), enclaved by magnificent mountains, flora and fauna.

Our Vineyards epitomize the essence of health and beauty. We strive to keep our vineyards well manicured. Throughout the growing season, one is working hard, studying the plants, observing and taking notes and taking wise decisions. That is the job that our team does immaculately.

The whole attention behind the process of winemaking throughout the planting, the labor, the testing and, finally, the harvesting determines the quality of our fruit. This fruit is our treasure which evolves into the Casa Baloyán wines.

After carefully considering the nature of our sites, we seek to identify the unique features of our various Cabernet Sauvignon clones. Detailed observations are performed through winemaking and tasting of each clone.

Our Cabernet Sauvignon vineyards are planted to clones #337, #169, #191, #341, #6 and #8.

Our Pinot Noir plantings are on our Duque de Lara vineyard and planted to clone  #115.

Our Malbec is planted on our Sierra Blanca foothills vineyard and planted to clone #595, and our Syrah to clone #877.

Our Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot are also planted on the Sierra Blanca foothills vineyard and planted to clone #214 and #400 respectively.

Our Chardonnay vineyard sites are located on two different vineyard sites and planted to clone #96, and our single Muscat vineyard to clone #453.