Urban Winery



Our winery is located in Tijuana, Baja California.

We decided to have our production area in Tijuana, having total control and supervision over each process and at the same time creating a symbol of identity for the city.

The devil is behind the details.

Although all our grapes grow in our vineyards located in the Valle de Guadalupe, the vinification process, from maceration and fermentation to bottling, takes place in Tijuana.

To achieve this, when we harvest our grapes, we transport them in refrigerated trucks to Tijuana, where they are immediately grinded.

Each stage of the winemaking process is a key to achieve our vision of creating quality wines. An important and essential step is our manual de-stemming process; The effort and meticulous work of selecting each grape individually guarantees us to achieve the wine profile we are looking for.

Live the Baloyán experience

We have several rooms and rooms for social and corporate events, where you can live the complete experience of an urban wine.